IOS/iPhone App Development Training

Let's take a step towards the future of iOS Application Development and learn to build your own applications.our mobile apps course for school/Collage students creates a roadmap to set them in the world of programming.In our training program we deliver in depth knowledge and remove all bottleneck.Our classroom study and hands-on practical workshops helps you to make a healthy career in mobile industry.

So catch the the training batch at economic fees and comfort class timing by early enrollment at D Zone iPhone Acadmy for best education.Xcode is easy tool to work ,you can start to build your first iOS app in few steps.

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Course Objective

Focused Internship

Intensive hands-on lab exercises and deeper explanations of cocoa touch framework with swift language on xcode IDE version make our iPhone intern programme more effective.Our Institute also help in Placement and part time JOB.

Ready for JOB

We also assist to make you placed in software company by arranging interviws as per requirment and your caliber.We also try for stipend based part time job in iPhone App Development according to your subject specialization.

Valuable Training Certification

After completion of iOS course interns will awarded with experience certificated based on their project examination. It will impact like a star in there resume and make them separate from initial competition.

Individual Attention

Due to short batches instructor can easily interact with each student and capable to answer their questions and has time to solve there problems.Soft copy of study material and practically implemented examples helps to clear the basics of cocoa framework.

Why to learn iOS at DZONE Institute.

Experienced Instructor

Faculties has vast experience of development field who will guide & encourage you on perfect direction to achive your dreams in iPhone App Development.We follow practical approach instead of books.

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Real Time Projects

Training on Apple xCode IDE is designed in such a way that all topics and chapters are based on real word practical implementations.Implemented examples described and executed in classrooms.

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Advance Curriculum

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Intense Practise

At DZONE we give more stress on practical session and as a result of this enthusiastic study pattern freshers effictivly improve there programming logics and iOS fundamentals.

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Topics Covered

Introduction to Xcode

  • Setting up your development environment
  • Installing Xcode and the iOS SDK
  • Architecture of Xcode IDE
  • Workflow of Application development
  • Introduction to Xcode workspace and Interface Builder
  • Your own first iOS App
  • Hello world application
  • Running your application

Swift Programming

  • Coding in Swift
  • Basics of Swift Programming
  • Variables,Constants
  • Arrays & Collection
  • Enums
  • Functions
  • Exception handling
  • Protocols
  • Closures
  • Concept of ARC
  • Memory Management

Basic UI Design

  • Getting User Inputs
  • Button,label,Textfields
  • Managing Objects Constraints
  • Hiding Keypad after editing
  • Creating Alerts
  • Using Action sheet

Working with UI Components

  • Handling switch
  • Use of slider
  • Value Updation with Progress Bar
  • Picker, Date picker
  • Imageview


  • Objective-C Syntax Reference
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Conditional Statements and looping
  • Working with Functions
  • Using NS Data Types
  • Object Oriented Structure
  • Interface Creation & Implementation
  • Properties,Synthesize
  • Creating Category
  • Protocols
  • Memory Management,MRR , ARC
  • Strong and Weak References
  • Understanding ownership by alloc,retain

Animation & Gesture Effects

  • Applying Gestures on Screen
  • Gesture on Mouse events
  • Scrolling Forms
  • Animations
  • Managing Delay with timer




  • Developing Custom TableView
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Firing Local Notification
  • Photo Browsing
  • Playing Audio
  • Handling Video Stream in Swift 3.0
  • Multithreading in IOS
  • Mail Send
  • Sending SMS

Advance iOS Components

  • Handling big forms in Scrollview
  • Learn TableViews
  • Collection Views
  • Image Gallery Example
  • Browsing through own Web view
  • SearchBar
  • Popovers
  • Image picker controller

Understanding MVC

  • View Controllers
  • Using Storyboards
  • Connecting Outlets,Action
  • Event Handling
  • Multiple View Controllers
  • Navigation Controller
  • Segues

Data Handling

  • SQL Lite setup Environment
  • Storing Data in SQL Lite
  • SQL Lite CRUD Operation
  • Data Application with Core Data
  • Entity Creation,Insertion,Updation and Deletion in Core Data

Interaction with WebServer

  • Interaction with Web Server
  • Learn How to Send data to Web Server
  • Using Webservice
  • Receiving JSON Data

Hands on XIB Files

  • Working without Storyboard
  • Creating Cocoa Touch Classes
  • Managing Delegates and View Controllers for Xib
  • Navigation between Xib Screen in Swift3

Screen Navigation in Multiple Way

  • Handling Navigation Bar
  • Creating Your Own Navigation Buttons
  • Associating Navigation Controller for Bar
  • Communicating data
  • Presenting Navigation Tab on Window

About Instructor

Hemant Saxena

Instructor has wide experience of development(18 years) in multiple technologies of mobile Apps and web environment and also have great teaching experience.

Course Prerequisite

Basic Programming awareness of C and C++ is benificial to learn swift and Objective-C.

Internship Fees & Class Hours

You have to spent 2 hours daily during Lab sessions.Please visit to office for Course Fee.

Online Enrollment

You can book your seat by online registration before starting the course.

PC Requirements

Training will be given on Apple Mac PC and it will be beneficial for to come with your own Mac notebook.